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Weekly Leader Interview (#1): Brief Explanation and an interview with Cena!

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Armies Leaders Lounge - Welcome to our new series! Where we interview different leaders each week! And today, we would like to welcome Cena, the Duck Knight Army Leader!

In Weekly Leaders Interview, we would like to introduce a little backstory about how each leader became successful in the field of Club Penguin Armies, how they rise to fame and power, and how influenced they are. We would also provide an interview to see how they answer to those question first-hand! As for today! We would like to introduce our first leader to be in this series, Cena! And he has one hell of a backstory!

Cena joined the CPA community in 2011 when he was recruited by the Nachos. After a while in Nachos, he went to join the Hot Sauce Army, which he considers that it was his true home army. But then after the HSA died in 2013, he hopped over armies, sometimes even forgetting CPA truly existed, that was until he joined the Pretzel. When he joined Pretzels, it helped him sparked his love for the community again.

He stayed in the Pretzel for a while, climbing up the ranks and quickly become leader-in-training, then the Pretzel closed which made Cena moved to Golds, in which he becomes leader-in-training again. Then when Golds merges into Dark Warriors, he received permission to revive the Silver Surfers, which is the first army that he has a chance to lead. Silver Surfers constantly stayed near the top for S/M Top Ten until the army was shut-down, resulting him to fade out of the CPA community.

Then suddenly, in late July 2019, he rejoined the CPA community to join the Red Rebellion, where he became third-in-command. After a while, he left the Red Rebellion to reform the Duck Defenders (With Stone permission ofc), which is now known as the Duck Knight Army, in which he is currently the leader and maxing double digits regularly in the army.

Now that is one hell of a backstory! But let's see more about his leadership skills and army in the interview!


Interview with Cena, Duck Knight Army Leader

Hexxer: Thank you for doing this interview with me! As you know, this is a new series in CPA, are you excited to be here?

Cena: Very much so! Thanks for having me here.

Hexxer: You been in the CPA community since 2011, which is long! Are there any tips on how to make your army successful?

Cena: I don't believe myself to be among the greats like Lord Pain and Elmikey. All I can really say to that is that if you want to have a successful army you have to be willing to put in the time and effort. Don't be a Mustapha or a Bam and grow your army the easy way.

Hexxer: From your early CPA experience (2011), what can you say is different from this year compared to other years?

Cena: Everything. The CPA admins, while I might not exactly agree with some of their choices, have done an incredible job putting all of this together. Everything from the map to the actual process of registering an army has been so well kept by the admin team.

Hexxer: Being a leader is fun, getting to see your army grow and expand, but that's not all of what a leader is. What are some of the obstacle of being a leader?

Cena: You have to know when to keep your mouth shut, which I don't know how to do. This has gotten me into a lot of trouble in the community. You also need to make sure you have you troops doing exactly what needs to be done to be sure the army grows.

Hexxer: Now let's talk outside of CPA shall we? In real life, what are some of your favorite hobbies?

Cena: Outside of CPA you can find me doing the most engaging activities known to man such as sleeping, playing Pokemon, or complaining about the fact that Animal Crossing New Horizons was delayed.

Hexxer: Would you say that your personality, in reality, is different from your CPA one?

Cena: Yes and no. I like to mess around and have fun but I’m definitely not as outgoing irl as I am behind a screen.

Hexxer: Right thank you for those irl infos! Now let;s get back to CPA, you could have tried to reform other armies but you pick Duck Knight Army to reform, why?

Cena: Well, technically the DKA is a completely original army, not something that reformed. I like to think of it as a spiritual successor to Duck Defenders. Anyhow, I wanted to be the head of something fun. DKA is a name that holds that good natured fun that CPA is all about without getting all edgy with the “Rebel Assassin Federation Force Warriors of Darkness of CP” junk. (No offense to armies with non-goofy names I luv you all.)

Hexxer: Thank you for your time and answers! Is there anything else you want to say bout yourself to the audience? Or just anything at all?

Cena: Lord Pain saved armies and started the golden age, Trader’s Mining Expeditions were full of legitimate troops, and the Duck Knight Army is only just getting started.


As you can see, Cena is one interesting leader, he is a fierce leader, who doesn't have a zip on his mouth to express his true feelings about a topic, even if it gets him into a lot of trouble, he also that he doesn't belong to the greats like Elmikey and Lord Pain, and he also granted quality no matter of what race, gender, class, etc. Cena is truly fit to be a leader, no matter which army he's in, Cena can lead it to glory and fame!



So what do you think about this series? Should we continue? Who do you think we should interview next? Comment your answer below! Let us know what you think!




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