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Update on War of Sea and Shadow: DKA and WH Drops Out, LGA and RFCP Joins Instead

NORTHERN LIGHTS, Recon Federation Capital Server - The war that started from the Duck Knight Army (DKA) and Wild Ninjas (WN) has taken a different turn. Now it's between the Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP), Lime Green Army (LGA), and Wild Ninjas.

On the 3rd of September, a war was started by the Duck Knight Army against the Wild Ninjas, due to the Wild Ninjas invading Skates. The Duck Knight Army listed two invasions on Wild Ninjas, with a declaration of war and the rules of no allies and no colonies.


The Duck Knight army declares war on the Wild Ninjas, DKA will show zero remorse for the WN with the terms of no allies.

Cena, Duck Knight Army Leader

As for the two invasions, the Duck Knight Army won them all, one by one. However, before even declaring war on the Wild Ninjas, the Duck Knight Army and Winged Hussars came up with a treaty; agreeing to cancel the war between them.

With this treaty, the Duck Knight Army and Winged Hussars agreed to end all conflicts between the two, and become allies. If either army schedules an  invasion on the other between 9/4/2019 – 10/20/2019, they will vacate their entire nation to that army. The DKA and WH agree to band together to take forces on the Wild Ninjas, and will not back out the war until unless the leaders of both army agrees.

Cena, Duck Knight Army Leader

The invasions of Ice Box and Beanie were a success for the Duck Knight Army, due to the Wild Ninjas having fewer troops and perfectly timed Duck Knight Army tactics. After the two invasions, Wild Ninjas leader, Kerx, made an announcement about the Duck Knight Army.

In the last days, an army of ducks commanded by a leader called “Cena” has decided to declare war on us, taking time to do some projects that we had pending in the army and taking totally incoherent actions. As we know, the army DK only schedules late events for all Latin America, so our members have always had difficulties with these types of schedules. For late schedules by DK, they are noted as an army afraid to face a clean battle, and not dirty as the schedules of their invasions.

Wild Ninjas rejects the actions taken by this individual called “Cena” We consider it a lack of respect and ignorance to declare a war on an army without any reason, let alone an army that has intervened only once in an invasion yesterday. From there, we see the little experience and little knowledge that this man has to lead an army such as Ducks Knights, in short, he knows how to lead a beginner more than this individual. Duck Knights has always been a toxic army, and always will be. Its leader Cena, has always been a toxic person which only seeks attention, because if we remember the past he created an army with the objective of discriminating and insulting the Brazilian-Portuguese army, EGCP.

Duck Knights has also tried to discriminate against us, but after all our troops always ignore it, because they know the immaturity of this type of armies. In many of our battles, they have thrown inappropriate and rude phrases in the middle or before a battle.

Is this what they teach their troops, their children, and more for a virtual game? In this post I clarify that Wild Ninjas will always fight for good, with anyone and whatever, we will never give up on anyone.

– Kerx, Wild Ninjas Leader

With that in mind, Duck Knight Army leader, Cena, scheduled two events on September 7th, with a four hour gap in between. As the troops were training, a new army comes into play, the Winged Hussars. They declared war on the Wild Ninjas as part of the Duck Knight Army and Winged Hussars' treaty.

Winged Hussars are officially declaring war on Wild Ninjas as per the DKA-WH Treaty. We propose this war with no restrictions on allies and colonies in battles.

Snork, Winged Hussars Leader

The Wild Ninjas now had two armies to deal with. However, when the Winged Hussars and the Duck Knight Army attended the invasions, the Wild Ninjas are nowhere to be seen. It was all part of the Wild Ninja's plan.

Many will ask why are we trying to remove so many servers and why don’t we respond? Well, the “Operation: Execution of ineffective ducks” plan will be a success. Next week, we will respond with everything and let you know who is in charge, so all I ask is that you remain calm.

The other week we need all your support, as it will be a very fun and humiliating week for DK.

The one who laughs last laughs better.

– Kerx, Wild Ninjas Leader

The Duck Knight Army leader, Cena, thought this was a joke, due to him invading their servers and wining them. However, in the Wild Ninjas announcement chat, Kerx announced that they be having the Golden Top Hat event and defense against two armies.

Good morning ninjas, today's announcements:

Today we have the GTH and 2 defenses by 2 armies. What worries me most, are the GTHs and the defense of our capital Nevisca. So, I would really appreciate if you attend the GTH and the 2 defenses we have today in the afternoon.

In the GTH they must go gala. To have a better organization, I recommend you wait in the square for the GTH and when the previous hour starts, you could go to see this great awards event.

- Tomorrow, the operation begins: Inefficient Ducks Execution, so this week we will be very busy with invasions and so on.

Without more to say, have a good day

Kerx, Wild Ninjas Leader

The Wild Ninjas successfully defended their servers from the enemies and attended the Golden Top Hats event with no problem at all. On that same day, Kerx scheduled three invasions against the Duck Knight Army. The leader of the Duck Knight Army, Cena, decided to form a treaty between them and the Wild Ninjas.

The Treaty of Avalancha


Formed on 8/9/19, this treaty forbids either army to schedule invasions on one and another until the October 26th, 2019. All currently scheduled invasions will be cancelled apart of from Wild Ninjas invasions of Beanie, taking place on 9/14/19. This will be dubbed "The Battle of Beanie" The DKA will transfer former Wild Ninjas territory, Husky, back to their lands. The Duck Knight Army will not get involved currents affairs between Recon Federation of Club Penguin and Wild Ninjas. The Wild Ninjas will not schedule further invasions of the Winged Hussars territory whether the currently schedule invasions on Alpine is successful or not, granted that Winged Hussars do not wish to continue the conflict. If this treaty is broken, the army who disgraced it will vacate their entire nation to the other.

Cena, Duck Knight Army Leader

Meaning, the Recon Federation of Club Penguin and the Lime Green Army have joined the war. The Lime Green Army simply wanted to help the Wild Ninjas win the war. That's where the Recon Federation of Club Penguin comes into play and there is a reason why they did it, explained in the interview below.



Interview with Prior Bumble, Recon Federation Leader

Hexxer: Why did the RFCP decide to join the War of Sea and Shadow?

Prior Bumble: RFCP was not intending to get involved in this war. It seemed like a good opportunity for our former colony to grow and stretch their legs, which they certainly have done. I am even, in fact, fond of the Wild Ninjas. But our non-aggression agreement with WN had one stipulation: that they cannot work with LGA. Almost immediately afterward, they broke this. We stood back watching blatant, name-glowing LGA fight on the Ninja side, but when LGA declared their invasion of WH's Yeti (CPATG), that was our last straw. If LGA is coming to play, we will too.

Hexxer: How do you think this war will play out between RFCP - LGA - WN?

Prior Bumble: As I told Snork and Cena, if RFCP is provoked, this will be brutal and swift.

Hexxer: How do you intend to win the war? What are some of your plans?

Prior Bumble: I don't see this as my war. We're coming in to make some quick corrections and heading out. My goal will then be accomplished.

Hexxer: In your opinion, why did the WN decide to break the agreement between you and them, and work with LGA?

Prior Bumble: WN is characteristically an independent and isolated army. I think they felt pressured and like they were running out of options. I get it. But I hope they didn't think I wouldn't notice.

Hexxer: After you've accomplished your goals, will WN and RFCP become mutual again?

Prior Bumble: I can't speak publicly about that at this time. But I hope we can return to "nice event :clap::clap: @Prior Bumble" soon.

Hexxer: If the LGA drops out of the war, will RFCP too?

Prior Bumble: Perhaps not immediately. But that would expedite our departure.

Hexxer: As you wish! Is there anything else you want to address in this topic or say anything at all?

Prior Bumble: Strength is not devoid of love. Be strong and remember we are all humans behind this dark screen.


By the Wild Ninjas breaking the agreement made with the Recon Federation of Club Penguin and letting the Lime Green Army participate in the war, a domino effect was set in motion, leading the Recon Federation to feel the need to get in on the action. Due to this, the War of Sea and Shadow won't be between the Duck Knight Army and the Wild Ninjas anymore. Instead, it is now between the Recon Federation of Club Penguin and the Wild Ninjas, with the Lime Green Army supporting the Wild Ninjas.


So who do you think will win? Will the Recon Federation of Club Penguin actually drop out or will they fight until they win? Comment your answers below!




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