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Update on Duck Knight Army and Wild Ninjas War: Winged Hussars Joined The War

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Armies Office - Rather than being the classic 1v1 war, Winged Hussars have joined to fight against Wild Ninjas, and this is when things get a little more entertaining

This war has been going on for about 4 days with the Duck Knight Army successfully claiming the servers. The war all started by the Wild Ninjas, when they invaded one of DKA server, Skates. As you know, DKA will declare war if you invaded one of their servers, and that's exactly what happened, the DKA invaded and fought fiercely against the WN, resulting in them a win on every server they invaded.

But, there is a reason why the Wild Ninjas are not interested in defending their land currently, as you can see down below. [Note: This is translated to English]

Many will ask why are we trying to remove so many servers and why don't we respond? Well, the "Operation: Execution of ineffective ducks" plan will be a success. Next week, we will respond with everything and let you know who is in charge, so all I ask is that you remain calm.

The other week we need all your support, as it will be a very fun and humiliating week for DK.

The one who laughs last laughs better

Kerx, Wild Ninjas Leader

With that in mind, the Wild Ninjas is forming a plan to counter-attack the DKA, and win the war once and for all. But at this time, the WN will need a little time to re-think about their plan, because the Winged Hussars have joined the battle.

On 6th September, a new army has come into play with the war, and it was the Winged Hussars, they schedule an invasion on 7th September, invading one of the Wild Ninjas server, Yeti (CPATG). They also declared war against the Wild Ninjas, making this a two-against-one war, but they are doing this because it's part of the DKA-WH treaty

Winged Hussars are officially declaring war on Wild Ninjas as per the DKA-WH Treaty. We propose this war with no restrictions on allies and colonies in battles.

Snork, Winged Hussars Leader

Now that they joined that war, let's see what they have to say about this


Interview with Snork, Winged Hussars Leader

Hexxer: So now that the Winged Hussars is in the war, how will this play out?

Snork: Pretty hard to tell so far. Haven't battle WN yet in this CPA. While our max is smaller by a few our tactic and leading are good

Hexxer: Is the war part of the DKA-WH treaty?

Snork: In the treaty, it says that we will go to war along with DKA.  So yes

Hexxer: Who do you think will win the war?

Snork: I have a lot of faith in WH. Even if we'd be considered the underdog I still have confidence.

Hexxer: If you were with WN instead of DKA, will the WN wins or will it affect nothing?

Snork: DKA and WN have been very even, so yes I think me going against DKA might sway the result a bit. Note that in their war though no allies are allowed so I wouldn't be able to join DKA/WN battles

Hexxer: Will the war help you expand your army?

Snork: Possibly, we are focusing on recruitment a lot more than usual

Hexxer: How do you intend to win the war

Snork: Invading them and winning

Hexxer: Thank you for your time and answers! Is there anything else you want to say?

Snork: Thank you for the interview


By the time this was posted, the Winged Hussars have already taken Yeti (CPATG), with an auto-win due to the Wild Ninjas not showing up. Same with the DKA invasion on Alpine (CPATG), the Wild Ninjas didn't show, but the Wild Ninjas said it was all part of their plan. But they better have a good one or the DKA and WH will destroy them completely.

[caption id="attachment_1059" align="aligncenter" width="504"]Screenshot 17 Invasion Plan (WH and DKA)[/caption]


So now that WH is in the war, will WN lose faster? Or will it be the same?What do you think when WN said they have a plan? Comment your answer below!




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