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Top Ten Armies [9/8/19]

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Armies Offices- While one war comes to a close, another war is in full swing, creating an interesting top ten with one rising star, thanks to their immense activity.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0] [81.75]

2. Duck Knight Army [+8] [60.01]

3. Recon Federation [-1] [54.26]

4. Elite Guardians [+0] [50.29]

5. Wild Ninjas [+0] [42.67] 

6. Lime Green Army [-3] [32.13]

7. Winged Hussars [-1] [28.26]

8. Red Miners Army [NEW!] [24.23]

9. Cosmic Army [-1] [16.20]

10. Green Street Gang [-1] [13.50]

<><><><><>Close to the Top Ten<><><><><>

11. Club Penguin Coast Guard [NEW!] [13.25]

12. Kiwi Army [NEW!] [12.00]

13. Pizza Federation [-6] [11.50]


1. Rebel Penguin Federation

The Rebel Penguin Federation maintain the top spot once again this week.  The campaign began with an AUS training session, maxing 34.  The weekly branch battle followed this event, seeing sizes of 58.  On Tuesday, the AUS division returned with a 21 man training session.  The US event hosted a U-Lead event the same day, maxing 40.  The EU division had their first event with a max of 38.  They then proceeded to host a stamp collecting event, maxing 40.  RPF's AUS division returned on Friday with a costume event, maxing 21.  The debut of their new uniform on CPR also took place, maxing 48.  On the last day of the week, RPF held two events, maxing 34 and 64 to end their run.


2. Duck Knight Army

The Duck Knight Army skyrocketed into the top two this week, mainly because of their surplus of invasions.  The first of many was an invasion of Flurry, CPATG, where they maxed 6. Shortly after, they hosted a recruiting session, maxing 7.  The next day, they invaded Glacier, CPATG, maxing 10 in the process.  They also held a training on Monday, maxing 6.  DKA then invaded Frosty, CPATG, from the Winged Hussars, maxing 7.  Their next event, an invasion of Ice Box, CPATG, was a success, maxing 10 while beating the Wild Ninjas.  An unsuccessful defense of Skates, CPATG, followed, maxing 10.  They proceeded to invade Beanie (CPATG) from WN, maxing 12.  On Friday, they reclaimed Skates with a max of 10.  They also held a practice battle with the Recon Federation, maxing 11 in a loss.  The invasion of Alpine, CPATG, was successful, maxing 10.  DKA had a card jitsu tournament following the win, maxing 8.  To end their war torn week, they failed to invade Avalancha, SuperCPPS, from the Wild Ninjas, maxing just 12.


3. Recon Federation

Like their former colony, the Recon Federation had an eventful week, pun definitely intended.  To start, they closed in on the end of the Peninsula Wars, invading Fjord, CPATG, with 15 troops.  They helped stress test the CPATG beta on the same day, maxing 9 against RPF.  They claimed another LGA server, Deep Freeze, PW, on Monday, maxing 9.  A Star Wars practice battle also took place, which was followed by a battle speech reenactment, maxing 11 and 6, respectively.  Another stress test practice battle took place, maxing 9 again.  They then invaded the last remaining LGA server, Beanie (CPR), to officially win their war against their lime foes.  RFCP then practiced their famous red wave tactic, maxing 9.  A recruiting session took place later on, maxing 7.  This was followed up by another recruiting session, maxing 8.  The red wave was once again demonstrated, maxing 10 on Wednesday.  Hours later, they hosted a find four tournament with 9 troops.  To celebrate their proclaimed victory against LGA, they hosted a victory parade on Thursday, maxing 15.  A small training session followed, maxing just 5.  They returned to recruiting on Friday, maxing 5 in a session, while going on to max 12 in a practice battle with the army sitting above them this week.


4. Elite Guardians 

Elite Guardians started the week with a gaming day event, maxing 24. This was followed with a training, getting 24 again. They ended the week celebrating Brazilian Independence Day, with a max of 17.


5. Wild Ninjas

The Wild Ninjas entered the week on a high note, maxing 14 in a elemental ninja event.  The next day, they held a training session, maxing 10.  In their first battle with DKA, they lost Ice Box, maxing 10 once again.  However, they rebounded with their invasion of Skates, maxing 12.  They went on to lose defense of Beanie, dipping to sizes of 6.  To end the week, they defended Avalancha with 14 troops.


6. Lime Green Army

The Lime Green Army began their week with an AUSIA training event where they maxed 10, followed by a US training on the same day, maxing 11. LGA's next event would be on Saturday, this being a Red vs Blue where they managed to max 17.


7. Winged Hussars

The Winged Hussars put an emphasis on recruiting this week, leading to a small drop in their standings.  They welcomed back STV to kick off the week, maxing 6.  Their first recruiting event was on the next day, maxing 8.  WH held a dance contest on Tuesday, maxing 7.  Their next event was another recruiting session with a max of 8.  A smaller recruiting session took place on Friday, maxing just 5.  They finished their week with two events: first, an invasion of Yeti, CPATG, maxing 13.  Then, a celebration, maxing 7.


8. Red Miners Army

RMA began their week with a recruiting session. This was followed by a training session, where they claimed a max of 13. Then they had another recruiting event, getting 13 once more. Red Miners ended the week with a final recruiting session, maxing 16.


9. Cosmic Army 

Cosmic Army had only one event this week, an unofficial raid maxing 8.


10. Green Street Gang

Green Street Gang had one event this week, a Card Jistu tournament with a max of 6.


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