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RPF’s Empirical Expansion: Rebel Penguin Federation and Elite Guardians - War Review

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Armies Office - The largest conflict in this year or possibly this era for Club Penguin Armies is Rebel Penguin Federation and Elite Guardians, but it has come to a close, with one them having all of their Club Penguin Armies: The Game servers wipe off, completely.

On the August 29th, 2019, the Rebel Penguin Federation leaders have declared war on the Elite Guardians, in a two-part post, in which RPF declared war with an agreement of no allies and no colonies, but also for the second post, they explain why they are doing this, as you can see down below.

We ask the NVA to take a closer look at EGCP and ask yourselves, is it really worth allying with an army that defeats the point of your alliance in the first place (collectively supporting smaller armies) and potentially risks the safety of your troops? The influence EGCP has over it’s troops clearly teaches that sexism and racism is something to be tolerated, which in this day and age it simply isn’t. In this new CPA we have found the community to be a lot brighter, especially when all armies banded together to support RFCP on the loss of one of their troops. Sadly, this post shows EGCP’s toxic nature and their actions portray a complete lack of respect and regard for the CPA admins and the entire community. The Guardians have fallen, let war commence.

QueenieLiz, Rebel Penguin Federation Commander

The Rebel Penguin Federation would take advantage of being a multi-divisional army this war, as they were able to fit in two invasions a day, because of that, they invaded Bunny Hill and Snowy River on the August 30th. Snow Shoe and Down Under on August 31st, and Outback on Sept 1st, then Grizzly and Parka on Sept 2. After that they invaded the last two servers, Slushy on Sept 3, and finishing the war off with Fiesta on Sept 4, which wipe out all of the EGCP territories in CPATG


Invasions Pics (Slushy, Parka, Snow Shoe, Fiesta, Down Under, Bunny Hills)

[gallery type="square" size="medium" ids="1044,1042,1043,1041,1040,1039,1038,1037,1035"]


But before the end of the war, on September 3rd, one of the Elite Guardians leader, Cobra, release a post on his reaction of this exposure, which to say is needless of curse words and saying how they are not sexist, racist and xenophobia, and that's the reason why the post won't be shown, if you want to check it out then Click Here , don't say we didn't warn you

But the reason why the Rebel Penguin Federation was winning was that there was no defense from the Elite Guardian. This would mark the end of a very one-sided war, with EGCP not showing up to any of the battles.

Now that the war has ended, let's see what one of our Rebel Penguin Federation Commander, Ulti, have to say about this.


Interview with Ulti, Rebel Penguin Federation Commander

Hexxer: When RPF won the war, how did you feel?

Ulti: It's always preferable to win a war as opposed to the other possible outcome, but it was certainly interesting to win a war with no opposition for the first time.

Hexxer: Would you prefer that EGCP defended their land?

Ulti: I think it certainly would have made it a more interesting series of battles for the community, and it's always enjoyable to fight a battle against another army as opposed to just showing up and auto-earning victory.

Hexxer: Will Strike-Force be attending anymore war soon?

Ulti: For now, it's best that Strike Force gets to take some time to pat itself on the back for a strong showing throughout the seizing of EGCP's CPATG territory, especially with six days of invasions throughout three regions. After that, we'll see.

Hexxer: In your opinion, why did the EGCP not defended their lands at all?

Ulti: It would seem their effort is more focused on rebuilding themselves on CPBR, and their territorial standing in Club Penguin Armies was (is?) the furthest thing from their minds for the time.

Hexxer: Have you been offered any treaties when you were in the war?

Ulti: From EGCP? No, they removed themselves completely from the war and its outcome.

Hexxer: Now that you're done with the war, what are some of your plans for Strike-Force?

Ulti: Aside from helping Super stress test the CPATG beta servers (which is always a great time) that remains to be seen. One thing is for sure, Strike Force will continue training and self-maintaining for the next time conflict comes.

Hexxer: Thank you for your time and answers! Is there anything else you want to address about this topic or the audience?

Ulti: Well, what's a war without a CPA community to anticipate, follow, and argue violently over the war with, so thanks to everyone who's reading this for helping make CPA what it is today.:grin:


In conclusion, the war lasted for 5 days without any defense from the Elite Guardians, earning the Rebel Penguin Federation Strike-Force an auto-win, and wiping out the whole EGCP territory from CPATG. So RPF pretty much spent 5 days gaining servers freely without any defense

[caption id="attachment_1033" align="aligncenter" width="349"]Screenshot 15 RPF Path of Invasion[/caption]


So did you think what RPF said was true? Or were they lying? Would you prefer that EGCP defend their land? Comment your answer down below!



Club Penguin Armies Reporter

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