Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Duck Knight Army Declares War on Winged Hussars

GLACIER, Duck Knight Army Capital - The fairly new army, lead by Cena, known as the Duck Knight Army is declaring war on the Winged Hussars.

The Duck Knight Army, formerly known as Duck Defenders have been on the Top Ten ever since they were created. They gain troops and do lots of events, improving and pushing themselves beyond their limit, that's what got them on the Top Ten and that's what kept them going.  With Cena at the helm, the Duck Knight Army have had amazing events.  For example, there were 2 events that saw sizes of 11 troops.

[caption id="attachment_991" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Screen Shot 2019 08 18 At 5.37.59 Pm One of DKA best events[/caption]

On the other hand, the Winged Hussars have been active since January of this year.  They were founded by former leaders of the Templars as a rebellion army due to the former leaders saying that even though they earned the highest rank, it was still a dictatorship army rather than sharing among leaders.  Thus, the Hussars were born.

Now, the Winged Hussars are a middle of the road army.  They do not achieve the largest sizes, but they are known for being very active, often having 7+ events per week.  Generally, WH maxes around 7-to-10 troops during their events.  They also have a heavy dose of Polish tactics, paying homage to their theme.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="456"] Winged Hussars, Maxing 10 troops[/caption]

Suddenly, the Winged Hussars received an announcement from the DKA that their leader, Cena, has declared war on them. Cena explains his army only intends to expand more lands and have fun with the Hussars in the war.


DKA declares war on Winged Hussars, with the rule of no allies. There is no personal reason for this war. We are both more or less evenly matched in numbers and would be fun opponents; and the CPA map needs some activity. We hope to make it competitive but friendly!

- Cena, Duck Knight Army Leader


Now with a war on their head, will Wolfy, Snork, Shinzō, STV lead the Hussars to glory and victory? Or will they lost the competition by the Duck Knights? Let's see what Cena and one of the Hussars leader, Snork, think about this war.

Interview with Cena, Duck Knight Leader

Hexxer: So why did you declare war on the Winged Hussars?

Cena: To claim territory, we are looking to grow our nation while creating some fun battles. There is no hatred towards the Winged Hussars, we are simply looking to expand.

Hexxer: Of all the armies you could have chosen, why the WH?

Cena: The Duck Knight Army and the Winged Hussars are very similar in size, so I think it will make for some fun battles

Hexxer: Do you intend to win the war? Or are you just happy if you claim some more lands

Cena: My intentions are to spread Duck Knight territory across each island on the map, I do intend to win the war.

Hexxer: How will you win the war?

Cena: Fair and square.

Hexxer: Good Answer, so after the war, do you intend to go on war with another army or will your army sit back and relax for a moment?

Cena: There will likely be a period of growth before we attempt to engage in combat with another army.

Hexxer: Thank you for your time! Is there anything else you want to address or say to the audience or anyone?

Cena: Greeny, honestly, act more like an admin. QUACK!


Interview with Snork, Winged Hussars Leader

Hexxer: In your opinion, why did the DKA declare war on WH

Snork: No idea, I found out with the war declaration in #schedule-invasions [Note: CPA Discord]. DKA and WH are similar in size at our peaks so I think that's why he declared war on us in particular

Hexxer: So do you have any plans to lead your army to glory in the war?

Snork: That's the plan, although I'm not happy about the upcoming invasions - we won't surrender

Hexxer: So who do you think will win?

Snork: At this point it's impossible to say, although Winged Hussars will not back down - we're able to win

Hexxer: The Leader of DKA, Cena, said that this is nothing personal and it's just competition and fun, but did it felt like it was personal to you and your army?

Snork: I don't think it's personal, I'd like to think we're on good terms with Cena - we've done practice battles with DKA before. I can't say I'm looking forward to going to war though.

Hexxer: Thank you for your answers! Is there anything else you want to address or say?

Snork: Join Winged Hussars for epic memes!


The Duck Knight Army have successfully capture Frosty in CPATG with a size of 7 while Winged Hussars have 2. They have already scheduled invasions on Hussar land in the coming days, much to the dismay of the WH leaders.

[caption id="attachment_997" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Screenshot 9 CPATG, Map[/caption]

In the end, the tone of this war is hard to get a grip on.  While the Duck Knight Army seem to think this war is going to be fun, the Winged Hussars are not very happy with the declaration   Only time will tell if the war holds true to it’s values, or devolves into a hate war.                                                                            


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