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Duck Knight Army Cancels War on Winged Hussars and Declare War on Wild Ninja Instead

GLACIER, Duck Knight Army Capital - After DKA declared war on the Hussars, another army came in their path and cause chaos which caught the DKA attention and that army is Wild Ninjas

Around 3 days ago, Duck Knight Army declared war on the Winged Hussars because they simply want to expand their land, but then when Cena was going through the upcoming invasions, one of it caught the leader attention, it was Wild Ninjas invading Duck Knight Army server Skates (CPATG)

When Cena saw it, he rallied all his troops, but unsuccessfully defended his land against the other army. After the battle, he went and announce that the DKA will be invading Ice Box (CPATG), Beanie (CPATG) and Skates (CPATG) from Wild Ninjas with a war declaration

The Duck Knight army declares war on the Wild Ninjas, DKA will show zero remorse for the WN with the terms of no allies.

- Cena, Duck Knight Army Leader

Cena and Winged Hussars also came into an agreement to stop their war with a treaty, making it the first two armies to become allies from a canceled war.

With this treaty, the Duck Knight Army and Winged Hussars agreed to end all conflicts between the two, and become allies. If either army schedules an  invasion on the other between 9/4/19 - 10/20/19, they will vacate their entire nation to that army. The DKA and WH agree to band together to take forces on the Wild Ninjas, and will not back out the war until unless the leaders of both army agrees.

Cena, Duck Knight Army Leader

After that, their first invasion (Ice Box) was 2 days ago, it was a close battle between them, DKA dominate the Dojo while Wild Ninjas dominate the Dock, and yes that's really ironic, but then it all came to the judges to see who won at the pool. Even though Wild Ninjas have size advantages, Duck Knight Army tactics and formation was clear, which result in a 2-1 for DKA, making them the owner of Ice Box

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="333"] Forest, Wild Ninjas Win[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1023" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Screenshot 1907 Dojo, Duck Knight Army Wins[/caption]

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="403"] Pool, Duck Knight Army Wins[/caption]

After the invasion, the DKA was screaming with victory in their chat and they were also preparing to fight for tomorrow, which was the invasion on Beanie (CPTAG).

In the Invasion of Beanie (CPATG), the Duck Knight Army have recorded their highest max (12 penguins), while the Wild Ninjas log on with 6 troops, which gave DKA a 3-0 win

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="611"] Dojo, Duck Knight Army Win[/caption]

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="401"] Cove, Duck Knight Army Win[/caption]

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="425"] Pizza Parlor - Duck Knight Army Win[/caption]

After the frustration of losing 2 battles, Wild Ninjas leader, Kerx have made a post called "Operation: Execution of Ineffective Ducks"

In the last days, an army of ducks commanded by a leader called "Cena" has decided to declare war on us, taking time to do some projects that we had pending in the army and taking totally incoherent actions. As we know, the army DK only schedules late events for all Latin America, so our members have always had difficulties with these types of schedules. For late schedules by DK, they are noted as an army afraid to face a clean battle, and not dirty as the schedules of their invasions.

Wild Ninjas rejects the actions taken by this individual called "Cena" We consider it a lack of respect and ignorance to declare a war on an army without any reason, let alone an army that has intervened only once in an invasion yesterday. From there, we see the little experience and little knowledge that this man has to lead an army such as Ducks Knights, in short, he knows how to lead a beginner more than this individual. Duck Knights has always been a toxic army, and always will be. Its leader Cena, has always been a toxic person which only seeks attention, because if we remember the past he created an army with the objective of discriminating and insulting the Brazilian-Portuguese army, EGCP.

Duck Knights has also tried to discriminate against us, but after all our troops always ignore it, because they know the immaturity of this type of armies. In many of our battles, they have thrown inappropriate and rude phrases in the middle or before a battle

Is this what they teach their troops, their children, and more for a virtual game? In this post I clarify that Wild Ninjas will always fight for good, with anyone and whatever, we will never give up on anyone

Kerx, Wild Ninjas Leader

But it was Wild Ninjas idea first to invaded the DKA territory, as you will see below in the interview with Cena


Interview with Cena, Duck Knight Army Leader

Hexxer: When Wild Ninjas first invaded Skates, what was your reaction?

Cena: Pure shock, to be honest. I didn't expect them to aim their sights towards the Duck Knight Army, but they did. After the realization kicked in that the Wild Ninjas were going to invade I scheduled invasions of my own, eventually declaring war.

Hexxer: After the invasion of Skates tomorrow, will you continue to invade more of their servers or will you come to a treaty with the WN leaders?

Cena: I have received several offers from the various leaders of Wild Ninjas, DKA is not interested in a treaty at the moment. We plan to have the Wild Ninjas wiped from the map completely at the end of this war.

Hexxer: What are some of your secrets to winning a war?

Cena: I have no idea what I'm doing, I'm just wingin' this s***!

Hexxer: How long do you think this war will last?

Cena: I can't give you a definitive answer, so I'll just say as long as it has to.

Hexxer: If the Wild Ninjas surrender, what are some of your terms if both armies came to an agreement

Cena: This war will not end until Wild Ninjas no longer have a server on the map, at that point, I will be willing to form a treaty marking the end of the war.

Hexxer: After the war, will you hope to resume the battle with Winged Hussars after the treaty between both ends?

Cena: Winged Hussars are now allies of the Duck Knight Army and will not be targeted of ours anytime soon.

Hexxer: As you say! Is there anything else you want to address to the enemy for the audience?

Cena: Wild Ninjas, programando esa invasión de Skates es la peor elección que podrías haber hecho en ese momento. QUACK! (Translation: Wild Ninjas, programming that invasion of Skates is the worst choice you could have made at that time. QUACK!)


Cena already also have planned an invasion at Skates tomorrow, to win back his land, and to get rid of Wild Ninjas once and for all. Tomorrow, both armies will be ready to attack and defend. While DKA is resting for tomorrow, the leader of Wild Ninjas, Kerx made an announcement [Note: this is translated to English]

Wild Ninjas is preparing a plan in which they will stop humiliating us, and we will humiliate them, we have a large operation in Mission Winnow as I said before, so don't worry and don't despair.

- Kerx, Wild Ninjas Leader


So who do you think will win this war? Which side do you support? Who's fault was it starting the war? Comment you answer down below!



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