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BREAKING: Mopia Army Shutdown

MARSHMALLOW (CPR), Mopia ex-capital server - As time travel by, armies will eventually get bored and they start to fade into history, and the time has come for Mopia to fade into history

In the beginnings, Mopia have ties to a previous event in RPF, because Mopia was a rogue army before an actual one. However, the concept of army picks itself up after "morganicproduce" created what we now know as the Mopia Offical Discord. SagaSage, MagicalKitten, cotopaxi64, and a handful of others were recruited that day into the group chat by "morganicproduce" , who ask the members to help him set up the channels for the server. Sage and MagicalKitten worked to make the Discord look professional, and turned what started as a joke into a real army. During this time, cotopaxi64, the first Mopia member to join, had been dealing with foreign relations and reached out to Club Penguin Armies.

CPA administrator Greeny got in contact with Sage and encouraged him to register his army with CPA. Though initially confused, he accepted and slowly learned about the new community. On the same day of their conception, Mopia soon made preparations and announced their invasion of the Winged Hussar's territory of Marshmallow for June 10th. The turnout of this invasion was a smashing success for Mopia, where they maxed an average of 14-20 people during the battle. After the victory, Mopia soon made Marshmallow their official capital on the map. Due to their simplistic uniform, Mopia gained huge traction on CPR, leading to a surge of new members throughout the month. This quickly made them one of the largest armies in CPA.

Though Mopia started off strong, they were soon faced with a new adversary; the Elite Guardians. Upon their registry with CPA, the Elite Guardians scheduled many invasions, three of these being all of Mopia's territories on CPATG and their capitol of Marshmallow on CPR. Sage had recently made an alliance with QueenieLiz of the Rebel Penguin Federation, another large and historical army that had also just recently joined CPA. The two armies rode off together into the battle for Marshmallow, overwhelming the Elite Guardians and maxing over 50 troops. However, this did not spell the end of the conflict between Mopia and EGCP. Though EGCP's invasion of Marshmallow had failed, their assaults on Mopia's CPATG territories, Snowy River and Fiesta, was a success.

Without RPF assistance, Mopia sizes fell back to being relative compared to the EGCP's. Due to EGCP's vast experience they managed to win both servers and put an end to the conflict, as well as claiming Fiesta as their new capital on CPATG.

On June 23rd, 2019, Mopia announced a declaration of war against the Pizza Federation starting on July 2nd. This war was viewed as less of a battle between empires and more of a fight between superior themes. No servers were exchanged or claimed throughout this war, but the two armies had multiple skirmishes. The war, however, took a back seat to Mopia's participation in the Summer Circuit, a tournament hosted by Club Penguin Armies. This prompted the leaders of both armies to end the war so they could focus on the new battle schedules. Coincidentally, Mopia were placed in a bracket with their two biggest rivals; the Elite Guardians and the Pizza Federation.

Across the four week period, Mopia trounced their competition, only being beaten once by the Elite Guardians in the second week. During the fourth week on August 8th, their second to last group stage battle was against the EGCP, this day also is the anniversary of their second month as an army. This battle was ferociously close with the two armies trading leads in size and matching each other's tactics and formations. In the end, Mopia were announced as the winners, which came as a shock to many in the community, including to Mopia themselves. With the win in hand, Mopia went on to beat the Winged Hussars the next day in their final battle, securing the First Place spot in Group B.

[caption id="attachment_1091" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Mopia Mopia, Summer Circuit Battle[/caption]

On the 2nd of August, the high council of Mopia (consisting of Sage, Aqua, 6borger9, HeyItsShay, duckyrubber, Baite, and cotopaxi64) as a majority announced they would no longer be using CPR for events. In a long message from Sage, he explains that they no longer felt safe on the CPPS due to repeated breaches in server security and the failure of the staff to acknowledge them in a timely manner. Not only was Mopia unhappy with that, but they were also unhappy with CPR's hard stance on armies as a whole. In the preceding weeks, CPR staff had started to ban army recruiters more regularly, including Mopia recruiters. This was in contradiction to CPR's prior stance with Mopia, where they encouraged them to recruit on CPR. To signify their stance on CPR, they transferred their capital and only remaining server, Marshmallow, to the Recon Federation. After that, they still have events but not that much

Then on 8th Sept, they decided to do a farewell party to the CPA community, leaving the community behind. DMT spoke on behalf of the CPA community, sharing their farewells to the army

As I’m sure most of you are aware, Mopia has officially ended their participation with Club Penguin Armies. We would like to thank Sage, Aqua for being extremely wise and thoughtful leaders in our community. From helping us establish privacy policies to being the voice of reason in leader chat, the community will miss these two. In addition to this, we would also like to thank any Mopia member for being a part of our community, wether you are staying or leaving. However, this does not mean Mopia is shutting down! They will still be active as a discord community that ranges from many things like group game sessions and movie nights. If you would like to be apart of their great community, you can ask them for a discord invite. Mopia was one of the great success stories of CPA, and will continue to have an impactful legacy on the history of armies for reasons like introducing leadership through voice chat. Here’s to an incredible 3 months with Mopia :mop:

DMT, Club Penguin Armies Spokesperson

Now let's interview them first hand to see the reason behind why they ended their participation with us


Interview with Sage, Mopia Leader

Hexxer: So why did Mopia decided to end all participation with CPA?

Sage: Well, we came to a relatively unanimous decision among staff about it. It was nearing the end of Summer, and already a lot of our staff were getting caught up in life, as people do. With Summer soon over- everyone was going back to school/college, getting jobs, and moving on. It got too difficult to keep up with CPA events, as well as participate with other armies. On top of everything else, we wanted to end on a good note. We left a positive impact on the community that will hopefully continue to resonate.

Hexxer: Would you bring Mopia back to CPA if the Mopia community wants to?

Sage: We were asked about that, and we decided to keep the Mopia name for ourselves. We still remain an open community, and we wanna try to continue our legacy. We've been very comfortable with members coming and going at any time, even our own staff. So if anyone wants to participate in CPA- and still be a part of Mopia, they're more than welcome to join any of the wonderful armies they have. But in short, we will likely not make a return.

Hexxer: Outside from CPA, what other events does Mopia hosts?

Sage: We host a large variety of events as well as our own Minecraft server. The most popular ones we host are usually Movie Mania, Scary Story Hour, DJ Night,, and a variety of other games and in-server events sometimes created by our own members. It's a much more laid back schedule compared to our past one with CPA events, but we get by just fine, and enjoy spending time with our community in any way we can.

Hexxer: When Mopia left CPA, was the community sad?

Sage: A few of our members who were more intimately a part of the army community were a little confused and some were sad yes. DMT was originally surprised but respected our decision. Queenieliz was another person I talked to that I believe missed having us around as well. Prior Bumble expressed quite a lot of sadness with our decision originally but he's been supportive of it in the end. He's a good guy, and with someone like him and the others around, I know people won't mind our absence nearly as much.

Hexxer: Do you think Mopia affect the CPA community in the recent 3 month when Mopia first joined them?

Sage: I think somehow despite the short time we were active we made an impact on the communities around us, in a hopefully positive way for most. Almost every army leader has dm's me before and mentioned having a good time with the battles and wars we had with them. All the smiles and laughs have made that apparent and very much worth the journey. I hope that the legacy we left behind isn't just about myself, or just about my staff or even Mopia itself, but rather about treating people with kindness and respect. It's a very important practice people take for granted these days.

Hexxer: On behalf of CPA, we're sad that you're leaving us but we respect your decision :heart: Is there anything else you want to say to the community?

Sage: I was never any better than anyone else, and I never wanted to prove anything. But given the chance to share a message, I'll share this; Be kind to one another. The world is a cruel place sometimes- and you have no idea what the person on the other side of the screen is struggling with. It's not about winning, or territories. Keep that spirit of Club Penguin alive in yourselves, and share those memories with others, set an example for your troops, and remember we're all just people. On behalf of Mopia, we love you guys, we enjoyed spending time with you and getting to know each other, so take care in wherever life takes you!


We would like you to take a moment to remember Mopia as a wonderful army in our community, sharing new ideas and improving us in many ways. Mopia will always be welcome to CPA.


In Loving Memories of Mopia



So what do you think about Mopia? What did they most achieve? Should they come back to CPA? Comment your answer down below!




Club Penguin Armies Reporter

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