Monday, June 17, 2019

Elite Guardians Enter the Community

UNMARKED TERRITORY, Elite Guardians Capital- The growth of Club Penguin Armies has seen the prestigious army known as the Elite Guardians join the battle for servers.  To make their entrance known to the community, a lengthy schedule of invasions soon followed their registration.

EGCP's arrival immediately puts them in contention for the pole position in the weekly top ten.  Consistently logging troops in the high teens to low twentys, the only army that boasts similar sizes consistently is the newly formed Mopia.  However, the Elite Guardians have an activity rate that many armies would envy.  Usually hosting an event a day, the Guardians are head and shoulders above most armies in terms of activity.

With the server map dwindling on unclaimed servers, any army registering now must act quick to build an empire without creating conflict.  The Elite Guardians did just that.  Although CPATG will soon be fully claimed, the registration problems that hampered CP Pegasus' server have become beneficial to EGCP, as a whole CPPS is ready to be claimed.  In addition to this, had recently added more servers to their list.  Thus, EGCP plans to expand their range to the majority of the western side of the map.

The implications of EGCP's invasions is a monumental event.  Their scheduled events coincide with invasions going on across the map.  By the 26th of June, EGCP's final invasion, every server on the map will be claimed.  It's only a matter of time before conflicts between armies and their land start to arise.  EGCP's bold actions could be a root of potential grievances with other armies currently in the battle for land.  If an army doesn't take to kindly to EGCP's immediate takeover, it would not be surprising to see armies form together with ideals that directly counter EGCP's imperialistic view.

Assuming that the Elite Guardian's invade every server they plan to successfully, they will be thrown into a tie for most servers on the map with the Green Street Gang.  GSG, although an army on the lower-end in size, is also known for their activity, as well as region diversity.  The Gang had a similar ideal to that of EGCP, whereas they scheduled invasions at a higher pace than other rival armies.  Yet, with most of GSG's land being held on the eastern side of the map, it's unlikely to see battles between the two land titans of CPA.

Two armies that directly fall in the path of EGCP's potential land happen to be the Lime Green Army and the Soviet Federation, who appear to have dissolved.  If Soviet Federation continue to be an inactive army, their servers will be relinquished from control.  This could create a deadlock over between LGA and EGCP, as unclaimed servers will soon become a premium.  Having recently returned from a period of isolation, the Lime Green Army returned and demonstrated their proficency in tactics under veteran leader, Chainpro.

In the end, the addition of the Elite Guardians to the community will change the landscape of the server map, and potentially develop the politics of armies.  It will be interesting to see which armies embrace the imperialistic style, and who will oppose drastic invasions of land.  One thing for certain is that an exciting summer lies ahead of us.


Club Penguin Armies Spokesperson

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