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Top Ten Armies [5/18/19]

WILD ISLAND, Club Penguin Armies Offices- This week boasts the first full top ten, all the while one army takes a plunge out of the top five, and another leaps into first place.

1. Winged Hussars [+3] [51.00]

2. Pizza Federation [+1] [42.42]

3. Wild Ninjas [-2] [42.38]

4. Lime Green Army [+1] [36.1]

5. Green Street Gang [-4] [33.5]

6. Bass Battalion [NEW!] [31.79]

7. Asgard's Vikings [+1] [31.77]

8. Tubas of Club Penguin [NEW!] [31.51]

9T. Bobo Federation [NEW!] [31.00]

9T. Invaders of Club Penguin [NEW!] [31.00]

Full calculations can be seen here.  Questions about the top ten? Ask DMT (DMT#2752) on Discord.


1. Winged Hussars:


The Winged Hussars dominated the army circuit this week, tallying up five total events whilst expanding their empire.  To start, they invaded Frio, Free Penguin successfully, averaging ten troops.  The following day, a celebration event occurred, where ten troops showed up.  Their next event was an invasion of Nevasca, Free Penguin, which saw sizes of eleven.  A recruiting event occurred the next day that reached eleven participants.  Ending the week on a somewhat mediocre note, WH invaded Ascent, CPR from Bass Battalion with five troops.

2. Pizza Federation:


Pizza Federation built upon their strong entry to the community with a solid week of events.  Kicking things off with an invasion, they successfully captured Oasis, CP Oasis, with seven troops.  They went on to have two training events, seeing sizes of seven and six troops, respectively.

3. Wild Ninjas:


Although the Wild Ninjas had a fairly active week, they struggled with tactics, and it proved to harm them in this top ten.  A cosplay event was held on Sunday with ten troops.  Then, they held a training session to sharpen their tactics that saw sizes of twelve.  Their next event was a game of hide and seek that had twelve participants.  WN closed the week with a celebration of Spain, where they had eleven troops.

4. Lime Green Army:


The Lime Green Army traded in quantity for quality this week, and it earned them an extra spot.  An invasion of Halloween,, was successful, garnering ten troops.


5. Green Street Gang:


The gang disappointed this week, after landing the second place spot in the previous top ten.  Riddled with inactivity and technical issues, GSG only held two events; an invasion of Avalancha, SuperCPPS, and an invasion of Bajo Cero, SuperCPPS.  Both invasions had five troops successfully claiming the land.

6. Bass Battalion:


Entering their first top ten, BB held two recruiting sessions this week.  The first saw sizes of nine, and the second recorded ten troops.


7. Asgard's Vikings:


A slightly improved week for the vikings is reflected in the top tens, where they moved from eighth to seventh.  AV first held a training session with five troops, and the maxed five at another training session.


8. Tubas of Club Penguin

The Tubas made their long awaited return this week, and kicked off their new era with two recruiting sessions that achieved sizes of eight and seven, respectively.


9T. Bobo Federation


A new army, the Bobo Federation made their mark with a respectable first event; an invasion of Deep Freeze, CPR, maxing 6 troops.


9T. Invaders of Club Penguin


Rounding out the top ten, the Invaders squeaked into the top ten after a recruiting session with sizes of five were achieved.

Statement on Recruiting Sessions:

After this weeks top ten, it's evident that many armies host recruiting events as their go-to events.  While we encourage armies to discover new ways to grow, it must be understood what counts towards the size of an event.  For the Invaders, getting everyone to press the J key is not the same as "maxing nine".  Their are about five penguins in Invader uniforms, and that's being generous.  For a penguin to count towards your size, they must be somewhat connected to your uniform (ie color). In the same way, many armies who held recruiting events did not do any tactics.  This greatly hurts the calculations.  Make sure to do basic tactics to maximize points.  Thank you.


CPA Spokesperson

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